Sunday, October 27, 2013

Family Pictures + Klair's 10 Month Photos

Earlier this month we took advantage of the beautiful weather and changing leaves, and had some family photos done. We had our good friend Austin Anderson take them (you can go to his website here) and I must say he did an amazing job. I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. I had expressed my desire to have some family photos done to Sam, and he said that his buddy Austin could do them for us. I knew Austin had the equipment, but it seems like everyone with a nice camera thinks that they are a professional photographer these days. Austin, however, is obviously an artistic person and I had seen some impressive shots he had done for Sam's band (he happens to be the drummer), so I decided to go with it. I crossed my fingers and hoped that he was as good at family photography as he was at drumming. 
I was pleasantly surprised. 
Not only did he capture our candid moments masterfully, but he was also able to pull off some artistic shots. I went into it thinking I would be happy with at least a few good photos. At the end of the day he gave us a cd with 70 photos that were amazing. The hard part was narrowing them down. It's a good problem to have. So here we go, here are my favorites (I have a lot of favorites): 

She. is. perfect.

These days Klair has a tendency to point at things and say "wow." It's so fun to see her communicating in her own little way. And in this candid picture Austin caught this nicely. 

Hello little darling!

I love those bottom teeth!

 ...and those top teeth! (and this man, what a handsome Dad) 

He loves her. 

And she loves her "da da" back.

Klair lives for swinging.
She could spend all day in one of these.

My heart.

At the end of the shoot I decided to get some nice photos of us hanging out in her nursery, and Austin kindly obliged. I love how natural these shots are. 

Klair enjoys books so much. 
She especially loves this particular gem "Five Little Ladybugs." 
This might be the eight thousandth time we've read it. 

And I fully expect to read it 8,000 times more. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it too cute to pass up:
Face-smash-kiss-attack! I love the results. 


  1. Wow!! These are beautiful!! I love how natural they look, but they're stunning at the same time. Your family is beautiful!!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that :)


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