Thursday, April 25, 2013

Is it really almost May?

Wow. I know it sounds cliche, but this year has literally flown by. It amazes me how quickly time has passed. Hands down, it has been the best year of my life so far. I love, love, love my baby girl so much and I can't even imagine returning to a life without her in it. I really feel like being a mom is my calling in life. I LOVE it! There is nowhere that I would rather be than with Klair all day. I will admit that there are times when some kind of an escape sounds nice, but as soon as I'm away I'm just wishing I was back with her again. Case and point: Right now. I'm filling in as a receptionist at Sam's work today and despite my excitement at being able to get out of the house and be around adults, I'm baby-sick. I'm finding myself looking at pictures of Klair on Facebook and watching the clock until I can go and get her from my sister's (who was kind enough to watch her for me today). I am not saying this in a judgemental way because I know that everyone is different and certain situations demand certain sacrifices (my own mom was a working mother who managed to be amazing), but I could never work away from home all day every day. I don't know how women do it. Since Klair was born the longest I've been away from her is somewhere in the ball park of 5 hours. And it was hard! I am so blessed to be able to stay home with her. Working a few times a month for a few hours is enough to make me realize how much I enjoy being a "stay at home mom."

Update time: Klair is almost FIVE months old! Although I am saddened to see her leave the newborn stage, she is becoming funner (even though that's a word I still have a hard time using it) every day. On the 16th she completed two milestones in one day. She did her first real mini-push up, and she rolled from her tummy to her back without any help. Since then she's mastered both of these motions, and I am not too sad to say that tummy time is a thing of the past. As soon as we place her on her stomach (something she has always hated) she rolls onto her back. Her rolling motion is so adorable. She uses throws her head backwards and uses the weight of it to pull the rest of her body through the roll. She's already putting that big brain of hers to good use (pun intended).

We also have a ton of new photos of her... and of everything else really. We put most of our money from our tax returns into savings but we did allow ourselves one luxurious buy--a new Cannon camera. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it, but my tech-saavy husband has gone photo crazy. Which of course is okay with me, because he's actually pretty good! I love having professional grade photos of my girl--for free :) Plus I think it has been a good creative outlet for my over-worked husband. Life has been so crazy for him lately between working crazy over time hours, school, and baby that I am extremely grateful for his new found love of photography. Hopefully after a few tutorials on how to use the fancy gizmo I will also be able to have some photo fun. In the mean time I will have to post some of the amazing photos my husband has taken once I get home and have acess to them (and the time to do it of course).

This photo was taken right after she mastered the mini pushup and right before she started rolling for the first time. It was not taken with our new camera because I couldn't figure out how to make it work in time. Thus, I resorted to the iPhone. A picture of less quality is better than no picture in a moment like this, right?

My goodness I love this girl.

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