Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

This past week we all came down with the stomach flu. It was awful. It is my least favorite of the common sicknesses. I came down with it on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Sam ended up coming home early from work on Wednesday to take care of me and the baby because I couldn't keep anything down (such a sweet husband). He became sick the next day, and he literally thought he was going to die. Thus, despite the fact that he is extremely busy at work right now, he took even more time off. We took turns taking care of each other and the baby and somehow made it through the worst of it. The saddest part of the entire ordeal is that Klair even succumbed to the sickness. She didn't get nearly as sick as we did, but even witnessing the slightest amount of her discomfort was heart breaking.

There was some silver lining in the experience though. As stated previously, the stomach flu is, in my opinion, the worst sickness. I would rather have a headache, sore throat, stuffy nose--any other common ailment before feeling nauseous. Thus, this was the hardest thing I could imagine having to go through short of a real emergency or crisis--and I know that Sam agrees. Yet, somehow we did it. We got through the ordeal of being extremely sick while tending to the needs of a sick baby. I feel triumphant! It's as if we've passed some sort of test--like being sick with your family is all part of the initiation. Welcome to parenthood. You are now a REAL Mom, complete with all of the ups and downs, for better (or in the case of the stomach flu) for worse.

Due to our illness our holiday weekend was pretty low key. We opted to avoid any family gatherings and mostly stayed home. On Saturday the call of the beautiful spring weather was just too tempting to ignore, and we found ourselves outside at a nearby park. It's amazing how thrilling it can be to sit at a park and watch your dog play fetch. In fact, it's amazing how thrilling just being outside in beautiful weather can be after a long winter. I love spring time!

I can't think of a better way to celebrate the resurrection of the Savior than to spend the beginning of the season of re-birth with the greatest gift God has ever given me--my family. I am one blessed woman!

Oh and for the record, it was incredible to watch my baby play in the grass for the first time! I think she really enjoyed spending time at the park. She was so content just sitting there, watching Rosie and hanging out with her parents. At one point I ran my fingers across the blades of grass and she mimicked me exactly. She also used the fact that we were sitting on a slight incline to her advantage and practiced rolling. She was only able to get to her side on her own, but she was able to completely roll over with a little help (something she seemed very proud of). She is growing up so fast, I can't believe she is already 4 months old!

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